Learn how to use our store by following a few simple steps!
Store Tutorial
Learn how to use our store by
following a few simple steps!
Store Tutorial
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Here on JartexNetwork, we offer an in-game currency that allows you to purchase any package available the store directly from our in-game server! You are able to purchase our gold currency on this page, and the better the package, the more extra gold you will get!

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Learn About Gold

As previously mentioned, here on JartexNetwork we offer the gold in-game currency, and with this, you are able to access every single package available on our store directly from our in-game server.

If you would like to purchase our in-game currency, all you have to do is type /goldshop while you are on your desired game mode. For example, typing the command /goldshop while being on SkyBlock dream will display the SkyBlock Dream packages.

You are also able to access our gold shop by clicking on the nearest gold shop NPC.

The conversion rate of our gold currency is €1 per 100 gold. Meaning if you have 500 gold in-game, you will have a total of €5 worth of in-game currency.

Benefits of Using Gold

Purchasing our in-game currency will provide you with multiple benefits! Not only will you be able to buy things quickly, but you will also be given a discount on every item if you purchase them with gold! We have reduced the prices of all of our packages in our in-game store, so if you decide to purchase a pile of gold, you will be able to buy any package at a cheaper price than that in our store.

But the benefits don't end there! The better the gold package you purchase, the more extra gold you will get! For example, if you purchase the €100 package, you will be getting 4,000 extra gold, which means you will be getting a total of €140 worth of gold!

You can't miss out on these!

80 Gold | Bit of Gold
1.00 EUR
500 Gold | Handful of Gold
5.00 EUR
1,200 Gold | Pile of Gold
10.00 EUR
2,500 Gold | Stack of Gold    POPULAR
20.00 EUR
4,250 Gold | Stack of Gold
35.00 EUR
6,500 Gold | Large Stack of Gold
50.00 EUR
9,500 Gold | Large Stack of Gold
75.00 EUR
14,000 Gold | Chest of Gold    BEST VALUE
100.00 EUR
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